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Coastline Equity

Photo of the team at Coastline Equity and of the founder, George Mayer, sitting with one of his colleauges

Our varied experiences…provide us a unique insight into our clients’ needs.

In 1974, George Mayer founded Coastline Equity as a brokerage specializing in private-party and institutional lending. The company was expanded to include management services through the development of commercial and residential properties throughout the greater Los Angeles Area. Our management team continued to add asset and property management clients to the portfolio to further expand this division. Today, these fee management clients make up more than 90 percent of the clients served by our skilled team.

Coastline Equity’s experiences in finance, development and management give them a unique perspective on management which translates into maximizing the value of our clients’ real estate holdings.

The success of Coastline Equity is particularly rewarding for George because of his experiences early in life. He is a child survivor of the Holocaust from Poland. Out of gratitude for his survival, due to the help from others at great risk to themselves, he understands the importance of giving back to others. He is active in his faith and numerous non-profit organizations, particularly with the Boys and Girls Club of the Los Angeles Harbor.